Hi everyone!

It'll not be a surprise for who knows me that I relate events very later... I'm always late, but I treat myself.

Anyway, I began my english courses 3 weeks ago. Is my english better now? I don't think so but I don't care.


The "Turkish team" Hassan, Aygüs and Serra, José a spanish guy (back) with an horrible accent but nice guy, Katte (pink top) from Czech republic. When I said Alcohool was synonymous of integration...



This photo was taken in the salsa classe, and now I'm totally addict!!!!!! Turkish team again!


Ils sont où vos putains de commentaires!!!!
Si mon blog est pourri au moins dites le! ça me fera plaisir. lol

Et comme j'ai vu que mon blog était vu à travers le monde...sans doute par erreur Lol, pour tout ceux là:

Feel free to let a message!

So I'm going back to watch "American Pie", in english of course...very easy to understand.